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Our buddy Eldon is a journalist at The Middletown News. A most impressive indie-owned small-town newspaper. A rare breed in this era of newspapers that are more interested in market share than actual news. Equally Impressive is Eldon's coverage of the Hoosier indie film beat. Today, he has an update on "I Only Want You" from Slaven Pictures and 5 After 5 Production and the star Deaton Gabbard.  

Work on the locally-produced  feature film, "I Only Want You," is expected to wrap up soon

     "I Only Want You" is a faith-based film, said New Castle resident Sandy Slaven, writer and co-director. "It starts out with two sisters. It's about their two families. A tragedy occurs when one sister's child accidentally kills the other sister's child in a freak accident," she said

     "It goes on throughout the course of the film to show the devastation and trials they go through as they  eventually try to reconcile and get past what they went through with the tragedy," Slaven added.

     Deaton Gabbard portrays the main character in the film, Tristan Owens, Slaven said.

     Raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, Gabbard said he quickly had a yearning to be on camera. Starting out with parodies for class, he eventually found his way onto his first feature film set as an extra for the Phillip Noyce film, "Above Suspicion." It was there that he truly realized that he wanted to be a professional actor and make a career out of it.

     Since then, Gabbard co-produced, co-wrote, co-directed and starred in his first full-length feature film, "Broken Vows" as well as the short films "Black Jack" and "The House on Willard Street." He then made his debut in the music video world as a lead in Rye Davis' "She'd Know" music video. Most recently, he has wrapped filming his series-regular role as Cole on the highly anticipated Kentucky drama 12-episode TV series "The Pact." 

     In addition to portraying Tristan in "I Only Want You," Gabbard also is currently wrapping up  another lead role in the independent psychological horror feature film "The Rising" as well as making his second directorial debut filming and starring in a single-take short film "Hunted."

     In "I Only Want You," Gbbaard told The Miiddletown News, "Tristan Owens is the main character that we follow throughout the story.  Bad luck kind of follows him throughout the movie. Things happen around him and people don't like him for that reason."

     As the movie progresses, Gabbard said, "something actually happens to his wife, so the guy cannot catch a break at all. Throughout the movie, we actually get to experience how he reacts to handling something happening to his wife."

     Gabbard said he talked to several acting coaches in his area to prepare for the role. "mainly because it is so much more traumatic and more truthful than other roles I have played. Mainly I'm playing the 'bad guy,' So this was as very different character to portray. It is much more solemn.

     "The way I prepared for it was just an approach really focusing on the 'how, what, why' of the character. The biggest thing was kind of reacting to certain events and getting into the head space of the character."

     "I love the script," Gabbard added. "It's really what got me interested in the project to begin with. It's a phenomenal script  The dialogue is very natural, which is kind of hard to find in Indie films, as well as the story really makes you want to follow this character through his journey and hope that something good happens.

     "That's something that I really enjoy. It's a very character driven story."

     Slaven said Gabbard would resume shooting some of his scenes this month and she hoped to finish filming by this summer.

     Gabbard, who is represented by The Helen Wells Agency, said he planned to move to Los Angeles in May to pursue his career. 



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